Monday, July 9, 2007

A Moonlit Vision

Many years ago I spent a restless night in Compton in Los Angeles ... and as I watched the city in all of its full-bodied, grande glory, I was inspired to write this piece as I gazed upon Venice Beach.

Tenderly I held the moonlight in my gaze,
As though caressing a long lost love,
Sourly I cast my visage across the bay,
Momentarily distracted by the glimmer of streetlights below.

The cars go by,
Their sounds drowning out the night's melodious cricket-song,
Fortuitously I had drawn in my mind's eye
An image; sought after by those who seek solitude in the masses.

The water rushes in and fondly runs its fingers through the hair of the sand,
I lie alone.



Lasalle said...

Hi OT and DJ . . I was actually Googling holiday destinations and found you . . . Very evocative. I love Venice Beach it's so alive and full or character but it is so easy to get lost in this world of craziness.

OT Original Thinker said...

Thank you Lasalle, me and Dj really appreciate it.

Absolute Vanilla... (& Atyllah) said...

Hmm, I love moon inspiration.

Marie said...

Beautiful words. I love moon inspiration too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

suzan abrams said...

How about placing a tune in and turning it into a song. :)

OT Original Thinker said...

Thank you, your words are just too kind. I am absolutely overwhelmed.